CosClay Elements Glow Green 226gm

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Set your creativity free with CosClay Glow, a unique formulation designed for limitless applications. These include crafting stop-motion characters, articulated figures, miniatures, dioramas, one of a kind sculptures, and a wide array of other possibilities.

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CosClay Glow Green

Ignite your creative spark with CosClay Glow Green, a unique formulation crafted for limitless applications. Explore the creation of stop-motion characters, articulated figures, miniatures, dioramas, One of a Kind (OOAK) sculptures, and a broad spectrum of possibilities. Just like every CosClay variant, the GLOW series features impressive initial strength, seamless blending, oven stability without sagging, and minimal colour variation.

  • Oven bake
  • Easy to use
  • Strong after baking
  • Flexible even after baking
  • Oven stability without sagging
  • Minimal colour alteration
Glow in the dark polymer clay

CosClay is a specialised plastic and rubber polymer clay that maintains its flexibility even after curing. Unlike traditional polymer clays, CosClay’s exceptional pliability bestows a strong and enduring quality, perfect for an infinite array of applications. This includes crafting stop-motion characters, posable figures, and delving into an extensive realm of creative ventures. The possibilities are truly boundless.

How to use

Sculpt and model CosClay Glow into whatever your heart desires. Mix and blend colours together to create your ideal shade. Once you’re happy with your model, simply place it in the oven at 135°C (275°F) for 30 minutes. 

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