Real Steel – Armature Weld 175ml

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Real Steel by Neill’s Materials is a strong two part epoxy compound. It is great for fast repairs and for easily joining together individual parts of a sculpture’s armature. It has great adhesion and sets extremely hard after around 20 mins. After curing, it can be drilled, filed, sanded, painted, and machined.

Real Steel - Armature Weld 175ml

Real Steel by Neill’s Materials is a two part epoxy compound that has hardener filled centrically and when mixed/kneaded with the outer product will form a permanent steel-hard bond in 20 minutes. Adheres to almost any surface with strength often greater than the materials it has joined. After curing, it can be drilled, filed, sanded, painted, and machined. Can be applied to damp or wet surfaces and even makes underwater repairs.


  • Easy storage 
  • Mix by hand
  • Great adhesion on different surfaces
  • Sets hard in 20 mins


  • Making repairs
  • Joining armatures
  • Making Tools
  • Gap filling
Directions For Use

For best results, surfaces should be cleaned of grease and dirt. Smooth surfaces should be roughened by filing or sanding before application. Real Steel Epoxy will start to harden after 10 minutes in its mixed state.

  1. Remove cut or twist off a section of Real steel.
  2. Roll and knead putty between hands, until streaks disappear and colour is uniform grey.
  3. Apply to clean surface. Forcibly work the product into any cracks or holes to be filled. To have a very smooth surface, gently rub Real Steel Epoxy with a wet finger immediately after application.
  4. Shape and remove excess material before product hardens. Putty will be steel hard in 20 minutes at room temperatures. Curing time is faster in warmer conditions and slower at cold temperatures.
  5. To extend the open life of real steel epoxy, recover ends of stick with protective dots and store in original package with cap tightly closed.
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